7 p.m.

Doors open for graduates and guests at 5:30 p.m.




For general information regarding 颁奖典礼 please view the various menu options 下面.


Credit Union of Texas (CUTX) Event Center is located at 200 E Stacy Road #1350, Allen, TX 75002. Get directions to the CUTX Event Center.

Parking at CUTX Event Center is available in the South Parking Garage and is free. Parking is not permitted in the uncovered retail parking lots surrounding the event center. 

Graduates should plan to arrive 为办理登机手续 at 5:30 p.m. 进入大楼使用 北入口.

客人可以在下午5:30开始到达.m. and will enter through the Main Entrance on 西边.


Tickets will be required for guests to attend 颁奖典礼 and each participating graduate will be issued 5 guest 票s. Children ages 2 and older will require a 票. Children under 2 years old 将被允许 to enter without a 票 if they will be sitting in an adult's lap. 


Seating for guests is on a first-come-first-served basis as there are no assigned 座位. If any of your guests need seating accommodations due to mobility concerns or if they are deaf or hard of hearing and need to sit near the sign language interpreter, you must indicate this on your participation form or email graduation@vjdnkxkdya.com 请求协助. 


Students may opt to purchase announcements through Herff琼斯.


Graduates, if you need seating accommodations (ex: wheelchair access) and you have not already notified the 科林大学 毕业 Team, please email them at graduation@vjdnkxkdya.com 作出安排.

Accessible seating for guests will be available on the second floor of the Event Center. An elevator is located next to the guest entrance which can be used for easy access 这些预留的座位. Guests that need accessible seating 将被允许 to have one family member sit with them, but all other guests in the party will need 坐在一般的座位区. 

Sign language interpreters will be signing throughout 颁奖典礼 for guests with 听力障碍. Section 114 is reserved for those needing to be within sightline 美国手语口译员. 

You must indicate on your participation form or email graduation@vjdnkxkdya.com requesting assistance if accessible seating is needed for you or any of your guests.


CUTX活动中心有一个 明确的包和小离合器政策 in place that is designed to enhance your safety and allow for quick and easy access 到设施. 

Other prohibited items include: outside food or beverages, balloons, confetti, noisemakers, strollers, weapons, and animals (except service animals).
Please review CUTX Event Center’s website for a 禁止物品的完整清单. *Please note: CUTX Event Center is permitting guests to bring in flowers for the graduation ceremony as an exception to their policy.


文凭 are not handed out at 颁奖典礼. Graduates will receive a souvenir diploma 当他们穿过舞台时,掩护他们.

Prior semester graduates have been mailed their diplomas with the exception of those who have holds or restrictions on their account.

Fall 2023 candidates for graduation will be reviewed for final degree and certificate requirements after final grades have been submitted, and those who have completed all requirements will be awarded their academic credential. 然后是文凭 mailed out approximately 6-8 weeks after the semester ends.


毕业 regalia is formal clothing worn by graduates and includes the cap, gown, and other distinguishing hoods, stoles, and cords that denote traditions of academic 成就. View the information 下面 to learn more about where to get your regalia, how it should be worn, and rules on cap decorating.


Graduates must wear the college-approved cap and gown available for purchase at our 校园书店. Graduates are expected to wear regalia without altering the appearance 或者在礼服上附加任何东西.

Graduates who have earned an honor cord through academic 成就 (graduation with 累积平均分为3分.5 or higher) will be given a cord to wear at check-in.


Graduates who are members of an approved honor society may purchase regalia (cords, stoles, medallions) directly from the organization. 经批准的社团名单 include: Phi Theta Kappa, Psi Beta, National Technical Honor Society, Sigma Kappa, 还有Kappa Delta Pi.


Caps are worn so the mortarboard is flat on top of the head, parallel to the floor, 而且不向任何一边倾斜. The inside of the cap shows which side is the front and back, and typically the front is the side with the point and will be worn with the 额头中间的点. The tassel should be worn on the right side.

We encourage graduates to decorate and personalize their caps. 装饰应该 lay flat on the mortarboard and not hang off the sides. 没有亵渎或露骨的图像 将被允许. If decorations are deemed inappropriate, college staff may ask you to remove your cap and purchase a new one from the bookstore.


Graduates should begin arriving at 5:30 p.m. 为办理登机手续. 所有毕业生都应该 不迟于下午6点半入住.m., so the 科林大学 毕业 Team can ensure all students are lined up properly in alphabetical order before 颁奖典礼 过程ional 开始.

Any graduates arriving late, after 6:30 p.m., will be placed at the end of the graduate line and will not be in alphabetical order.

晚到的毕业生,晚上7点以后.m., will be required to wait until the 过程ional is over and will be escorted into the arena and seated on the back row by a Collin 大学志愿者.

Upon arrival you will be directed to the check-in tables to get your name card. 不要把这张卡弄丢了 as it will be used to line you up in alphabetical order before 颁奖典礼 开始. This card will also be used by the name reader to announce your name when you walk 穿过舞台.



The commencement ceremony can be broken up into three major parts and we anticipate 颁奖典礼 to be two hours in length. Graduate check-in is part of the pre-ceremony 过程.  During 颁奖典礼 there is the 过程ional, graduation message, name 读书,最后退场. See 下面 for details important information 火博体育官网仪式的每个部分.


The 过程ional is the start 仪式的内容 when everyone marches into the arena in a formal and orderly fashion to be seated in their appropriate seat.

The ceremony will begin promptly at 7 p.m., and our Board of Trustees and Executive Leadership team will lead the 过程ional into the arena, with Line Marshals following 在所有毕业生中遥遥领先.

Line Marshals will bring you to your row so you can be seated in alphabetical order. The 过程ional is simply follow-the-leader, so you will just need to make sure you stay in your line until you are guided to your row and seat.


The beginning 仪式的内容 will include messages from 科林大学’s District 总统博士. Neil Matkin, Chair of the Board of Trustees, and our guest speaker.  After the speeches, graduates will be led to the 阶段 to have their names called 当他们穿过舞台时.

When it is your turn, Line Marshals will prompt your row to stand up and will lead 你到竞技场前面去. You will have your photograph taken (see 下面 for more information on these photographs) and then will make your way up a ramp to the 阶段.

College staff will help make sure your regalia is in order and you look great before 你穿过舞台. They will also make sure you are holding your name card so that 它可以交给读名字的人.

When it is your turn to walk 穿过舞台, the name reader will announce your name, you will be handed a 科林大学 diploma cover, and you will continue walking to the middle of the 阶段 and down the stairs. 

Line Marshals will then lead you back to your seat where you will stay for the remainder 仪式的内容. If you need mobility assistance or cannot walk down stairs, please let a Line Marshal know ahead of time so they can bring you back down the ramp.


Once all graduates have crossed the 阶段, 颁奖典礼 will be concluded with an 令人兴奋的惊喜. If loud noises are a trigger for you, please talk to a Line Marshal ahead of time so accommodations can be made.

After 颁奖典礼 ends, Line Marshals will lead you in a recessional out of the arena. You can reunite with family outside of the event center.

All graduates and guests will be asked to exit the event center where you can take photographs, talk with your family and friends, or visit one of the many restaurants 在附近庆祝. Once you exit the building you will not be permitted to re-enter, so you will need to make sure you have all your belongings with you as you exit.


DO: Bring your regalia with you to 颁奖典礼, including your gown, cap, tassel, and any cords or stoles from honor societies or other official organizations. 额外的标记 将不能出席典礼吗!

DO: Wear nice clothing and comfortable shoes. Suggested attire is button-down shirts, tie, dark pants, dresses, dark shoes, minimal jewelry.

DO: Bring your cellphone so you can coordinate with your guests after 颁奖典礼.

: Have your cellphone out during 颁奖典礼. Your phone should remain in your pocket 或者在婚礼上藏起来.

: Bring any items restricted under the Event Center’s 袋政策 或者在他们的 禁止物品清单.

: Bring any items with you that cannot be concealed 在你的长袍下. 如果需要的话 bring a small purse we suggest it is a cross-body purse that can easily be hidden 在你的长袍下. If you cannot conceal the item you will need to leave it with one 或者在你的车里.

不要看管任何物品. 科林大学 and CUTX Event Center are not responsible for your items and are not liable for any lost or stolen items.




The ceremony will be livestreamed for friends and family that are unable to attend 颁奖典礼. The link to the livestream will be available 30 minutes before the event.


The ceremony video will be uploaded to 火博体育官网的YouTube频道 供公众观看.



Flash Photography will be taking two professional photographs of each graduate during 颁奖典礼 that will be available for purchase. 你会有机会的 your name card to provide your personal email address, which will be used to send 你的婚礼照片证明.

Every graduate will be mailed and emailed proofs within 10 days 仪式的内容. If you have not received your proofs within that time frame, please contact Flash Photography 直接: http://flashphotography.com/contact

问题? 电子邮件 毕业@vjdnkxkdya.com